Carol Cherry designed the complete reconfiguration of our kitchen. With Carol's vision, experience and listening skills our once dark, cramped kitchen was totally opened up and transformed into a bright functional area. Carol's design skills are exemplary. Her suggestions were helpful, measurements were carefully taken and any concerns were addressed. Working with Carol was a totally positive experience and we would certainly recommend Cherry's Designs.
- Sandy and Larry

Dear Carol,
We take great pleasure and delight in sharing the wonderful transformation that occurred in our home thanks to your design savvy and expertise. It has been one year since your fabulous renovations and there isn't a day that goes by that we are not grateful for our beautiful living space. Those family and friends who continue to visit are in awe of how totally different our kitchen looks and your amazing use of space in the selection of the cabinets and the total layout design. At no time during this enormous process did we ever feel overwhelmed or pressured by you in anyway. What we appreciated most was the fact you actually listened to what we wanted and helped us to stay within our budget as well. At a time in our society when integrity seems to have taken a back seat to financial gain it is such a blessing to come across someone such as yourself who takes such pride in what they do . Thanks again for sharing your giftedness with us and remember our door is always open if you would like to bring your clients to our home and show them a job well done.
- Renee and Tom Lavender

Hi Carol,
It was nice to hear from you with your letter of Aug. 3. I hope all is well with you and your family. Of course we will post a testimonial of our experience with you—which was outstanding. Working with Carol saved my husband and I so much of the "dirty" work that goes into planning a kitchen remodel. The mere mention of the phrase "kitchen remodel" can send shudders down one's spine. But Carol was with us from the early stages of planning, through moving our makeshift kitchen into our mudroom, waiting for cabinets to be delivered, and on the job site with our builder. She always answered her telephone when we needed her, and she went out of her way to come over to check colors, knobs or faucets, when we were unsure. Many kudos to Carol for helping making our kitchen look fabulous!
- Cathi Laughlin

August 3, 2012
I sought out Cherry's Designs to replace my kitchen counter top some years ago. I was impressed that Carol herself came to my home, performed all of the measurements, brought a wide selection of samples and made many helpful and cost saving suggestions.

The workmanship on these counters was excellent and the installation was efficient and painless. The end result is that I have a beautiful counter top and sink that still (10 yrs. later) look fresh and new. I will definitely be calling on Carol again for my bathroom redesign project and would whole-heartedly recommend Cherry's Designs to anyone seeking great results that are within your budget.
- Chris Benson, Medford Lakes, NJ

Hi Carol
Carol was our 5th designer that took a crack at our kitchen design. We didn't have an easy kitchen (lots of doorways and not narrow enough to be a galley, but not wide enough to maximize cabinets with an island). Carol was the only designer that told us we shouldn't do an island and backed up her argument with storage calculations. She had great ideas we hadn't thought of even though we are veteran kitchen remodelers. She made the process easy, came to the house even in a hurricane to help us pick paint colors, and she took into consideration how the kitchen would fit our family and our house. She worked around our schedules and couldn't have been more knowledgeable or accommodating. We not only got a terrific kitchen that is perfect for us and the envy of the neighborhood, but also got to know a wonderful woman.
- Deb Smith

Hi Carol,
We'd love to write a testimonial for you. We love our kitchen layout, it's awesome! Would you like me to email it to you or is there a special form you'd like me to use? Our computer is temporarily disconnected as we are rearranging furniture and writing on my iPhone is a bit of a challenge so I will get it done as soon as our computer is back up and running.

Our kitchen is coming along great! I'd say we are about 90% done. Just a few details need to be finished. We decided to go ahead and remodel the dining, family, and fireplace room at the same time since its all connected. Phil has done a great job! We'd love to have you over sometime to see how your design came to life.

Kitties are doing well and enjoying all the new hiding spaces the kitchen has created. Glad your kitties still like their fountain!!
- Jocelyn and Phil

Carol helped us get new doors for our kitchen cabinets. She was great to work with, always on time for her appointments and very thorough. A great experience!
- Margie and Roger